Romanian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Farmacia is the continuer of ancient Romanian pharmaceutical publications:

  • 1871-1877: Foaia Societatii Farmacistilor Romani – Jurnal Sciintific si Pharmaceutico-Comercial
  • 1881-1894: Organul Societatii Farmacistilor din Romania. Foaie pentru stiinta, arta si interesele farmaceutice
  • 1894-1953: Revista Farmaciei
FARMACIA nr3. 1948 FARMACIA nr.5 1953
FARMACIA nr.10 1966 FARMACIA nr.8 1974
FARMACIA nr.4 1981 FARMACIA nr.3 1983
FARMACIA 1991 FARMACIA nr.1 2006
FARMACIA nr.2 2006 FARMACIA nr.3 2006
FARMACIA nr.4 2006 FARMACIA nr.5 2006
FARMACIA nr.6 2006 FARMACIA nr.1 2007

All these pharmaceutical publications served only the professional interests of pharmacists.The development of pharmaceutics’research imposed the harmonization of the Romanian pharmaceutical publication with the latest international scientific news. In this respect, the year of 1953 marked a deep change in our journal’s destiny, namely the Romanian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences decided the change of title in the present one, FARMACIA. Ever since FARMACIA is the only scientific pharmaceutical publication in Romania, addressed to the entire pharmaceutical community and its mission is to represent and serve Romanian pharmaceutical sciences.From the beginning, an illustrious Editorial Board (having C.N. Ionescu as editor-in-chief) published and encouraged high standards for the Romanian pharmaceutical scientific research.

 The rhythmicity of FARMACIA was as follows:

  • Until 1974: 12numbers/year
  • 1994-1996: 3 numbers/year (due to financial difficulties)
  • 1997-2009: 6 numbers/year